Current Members

Dr. Qi Cheng (Director)

2006   Ph.D.      Syracuse University
2003   M.S.        Syracuse University
1999   B.E.        Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China






                 Abdulhamid Zaidi
                 Ph.D.     2018
                 Dissertation: Design of Intelligent PID Controllers for Load Frequency Control and Automatic Voltage Regulation


Sandeep Gutta
Ph.D.     2016
Dissertation: Biomedical Signal Processing and Inference in Wearable Sensing Applications

Dr. Hongyan Zhu
Visiting Scholar     2016

Blair Baldridge
M.S.     2015
Thesis: Microphone Array Based Surveillance Systems

Mamatha Kompally
M.S.     2015

Dr. Fengshan Zhang
Visiting Scholar     2014

  Vishwani Dundumalla
  M.S.     2014

                   Mohan Chadram
                   M.S.     2014

Manoj Kumar Vegi
M.S.     2014
Thesis: Study of Byzantine Attacks and Countermeasures in Spectrum Sensing

Tao Wu
Ph.D.     2013
Dissertation: System Design in Wireless Sensor Networks for Parameter Estimation and Dynamic Event Region Detection

Hoa Dinh Nguyen (currently at Posts and Telecommunications Institute of Technology, Vietnam)
Ph.D.     2013
Dissertation: A Classification Framework and Application to Sleep Apnea Analysis

Longji Sun (currently Ph.D. candidate at OSU)
M.S.       2012
Thesis: Blind source separation and localization using microphone arrays

Aditya Kelkar (currently Wireless SDE at Amazon Lab126)
M.S.       2012
Thesis: Spectrum Sesning Scheduling in Cognitive Radio Networks

Chao Chen
M.S.       2012
Thesis: Traffic Scene Analysis Using an Array of Microphones

Sandeep Gupta (currently Ph.D. candidate at OSU)
M.S.       2011
Thesis: A new distributed framework for cyber attack detection and classification

Raghavendra Rao (currently at Rockwell Collins)
M.S.       2009
Thesis: Subspace-based cooperative spectrum sensing for cognitive radio

Bhargav Kollimarla
M.S.      2008
Thesis: Spectrum sharing in cognitive radio

Victor Selvraj (currently Senior Firmware Engineer at Luminex Corporation)
M.S.    2007
Thesis: Test-bed design for target detection and tracking using wireless sensor networks