Dr. Qi Cheng

Associate Professor
School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Statistical Signal Processing Lab
Oklahoma State University
Stillwater, OK 74078

Office: 416C Engineering South
Phone: (405)744-9919
Fax: (405)744-9198
Email: qi.cheng at okstate.edu

Lab: 410 Engineering South
         320 ATRC
Phone: (405)744-0361/4799


Dr. Cheng has left OSU and joined the Lawrence Livermore National Lab.

Welcome to SSPL!

The Statistical Signal Processing Lab focuses on fundamental research
related to statistical inference and various applications. Current research
interests include:

  • Opportunistic communications
    • Dyanmic spectrum access
    • Cognitive networking
  • Array signal processing
    • Microphone array processing
    • Localization, separation, detection, recognition
  • Statistical modeling
    • Dynamic modeling and inference
    • Machine learning
  • Distributed signal processing and information fusion



Several Thesis and Creative Component topics available in SSPL. Please contact Dr. Qi Cheng for details.