Dr. Qi Cheng

Associate Professor
School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Statistical Signal Processing Lab
Oklahoma State University
Stillwater, OK 74078

Office: 416C Engineering South
Phone: (405)744-9919
Fax: (405)744-9198
Email: qi.cheng at okstate.edu

Lab: 410 Engineering South
         320 ATRC
Phone: (405)744-0361/4799


Welcome to SSPL!

The Statistical Signal Processing Lab focuses on fundamental research
related to statistical inference and various applications. Current research
interests include:

  • Opportunistic communications
    • Dyanmic spectrum access
    • Cognitive networking
  • Array signal processing
    • Microphone array processing
    • Localization, separation, detection, recognition
  • Statistical modeling
    • Dynamic modeling and inference
    • Machine learning
  • Distributed signal processing and information fusion



Several Thesis and Creative Component topics available in SSPL. Please contact Dr. Qi Cheng for details.